Baby Sleep Aid Toy Teddy Star Night Light Projector Musical White Noise Machine


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Please note: to insert the batteries you must first remove the sound box by gently pulling it from the teddy bear.
10 Different sounds and music
Powerful night light projector (this is a proper projector not a gimmick)
Cry Sensor
Super soft large 21cm teddy bear
Removable sound box
Velcro strap for mounting to cots, strollers, car seats etc.
3 x AAA batteries (included)
THE BEST 10 SLEEP SOUNDS – Blu The Bear has 10 of the best soothing sounds for your beloved baby to relax, feel safe and fall asleep to. The sounds range from all-natural White Noise, Womb/Heartbeat which help reduce Colic pain and discomfort, RainForest, Ocean Waves, Relaxing Rainfall, some of the most popular lullabies, and Classical Music. The Volume is adjustable and can be tailored to your preference. The sound box can be easily removed making it super easy to hand or machine wash.
CRY-SENSOR – Intelligent CRY-SENSOR technology ensures you do not have to worry about restless nights. Soothing sounds will automatically activate when your baby makes noise, slowly and gently putting them back to sleep. No more sleepless nights for you or your family!
NIGHT LIGHT TECHNOLOGY – Blu The Bear is equipped with a comforting galaxy of colourful stars which can project onto your walls or ceilings within the click of a button if you wish. These soothing stars will shine and slowly fade back and forth into different colours which will capture your babies attention and soothe them gently to sleep.
FASTER DEVELOPMENT- The classical music chosen for Blu The Bear is scientifically proven to help have a positive effect on your babies physical and mental health. Not only will it calm and improve your babies daily mood and sleep routine, but the classical effect can even stimulate improved learning, reading, listening and memory within your babies development.
SECURE VELCRO STRAP – The secure velcro strap is located at the back of Blu The Bear. This feature makes travelling so much easier for you and your baby as it allows you to securely strap it onto Cots, Strollers, and Car seats making it accessible and portable. Not only this, your baby will always feel secure and safe knowing their furry friend is nearby.


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