Power Tan 24K Super Carrot-Oil Accelerator sunbed tanning lotion cream


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A super charged carrot oil and beta-carotene accelerator specifically formulated to stimulate and amplify the natural production of melanin in your skin to achieve the fastest and darkest tan possible. Active beta-carotene combines to condition and hydrate your skin and to ensure you will keep your tan longer.

• Triple action accelerator
• Carrot oil for natural melanin production
• Beta-carotene for prolonged tan-life
• Tingle freeL-Tyrosine
• Suitable for all skin types

Fragrance: Fresh Pomegranate

Does not contain SPF’s
Skin test advised before first use
Discontinue if skin irritation occurs

Country/Region of Manufacture

United Kingdom




For Indoor Use, For Sunbed Use, Hydrating, Tan Accelerator


Power Tan